ICM Platform Improvements

We are hard at work to constantly improve the Openforce experience for independent contractors and our clients. In each newsletter, you’ll find highlights of these product updates, often times with links to more information on major releases. Here are this month’s features and functionality updates!

Preview Documents in the Document Vault Page

No need to download every time you want to simply review a document within the Document Vault. Now you can simply click Preview to view the document on screen and exit out of it without having to fully download.

You can get to the Document Vault Preview two ways.

  1. In the Contractors tab, click ‘Display contractor information details’
  2. In Documents > Document Vault, click ‘Display contractor information details’


Enrollment and Contractor Grids Fit to Screen

The enrollment and contractors grids now automatically size up and down to fit most monitor sizes at 100%. So, whether you have 4 or 14 columns added to your grid, they will all fit within the display of your web browser.


Display Additional Manifest Details to ICs

Are your ICs always asking about delivery details because they don’t have access to your manifest details? Now, via an integration with Openforce, we can pull those extra details directly into the Openforce IC portal for your ICs to easily view.


IC Settlement PDF Improvement – What Contractors Now See

Great news for ICs downloading their settlement amounts for bookkeeping. We’ve overhauled the format of the IC’s Self-Employment Business Ledger PDF, which is accessible within their Settlements tab.

What used to be a complicated PDF view of a Microsoft Excel sheet has been re-tooled to mirror the information and formatting they’re accustomed to seeing right on their screen.