How to work with contract caregivers in the “FAB world”: What registries need to know​

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Wendy Greenland

Wendy Greenland
Chief Operating Officer,

Joel Chaffins

Joel Chaffins
Owner and Managing Partner,
No Place Like HomeCare, LLC.

Matthew Bagley

Matthew Bagley
Assistant Vice President,
Crum & Forster




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Webinar Q&A

Occupational accident insurance can be positioned as mandatory, similar to general liability, as required coverage for independent contractors to utilize the registry. The cost of occupational accident insurance is nominal in comparison to the propensity of workplace injury requiring medical expenses or wage replacement coupled with the reduced risk of reclassification.

However, mandating occupational accident insurance is still your decision and we can make it optional based on your IC enrollment preferences.

While the majority of registries we work with only require professional liability for independent contractors, additional coverage is available for contractors who wish to further insulate and protect their business. Ultimately, independent contractors share the same legal obligations and potential liability exposure as a registry. Independent contractors can be sued for bodily injury and property damage, resulting in financial insecurity.

Yes, contract caregivers can purchase their own occupational accident insurance on the open market.

The Openforce platform is HIPAA compliant and offers secure, digital and documented rate negotiations that are managed within Openforce’s software. Any text messages that Openforce sends to independent contractors do not contain sensitive information.

Yes, contract caregivers can setup manual and automatic payments directly with the providing insurance group.

Yes, Openforce offers a variety of tools and information to independent contractors to help them get acquainted with our platform. We provide managed onboarding services to assist with getting contractors fully onboarded in a timely manner, how-to videos, additional information on available contractor benefits and a monthly newsletter that provides updates on any new features that were released. Independent contractors also have the option to contact our customer support department via phone or email on an ongoing basis.

Of the clients that have made Openforce aware they underwent a Department of Labor audit, all results were positive with no infractions.

Openforce’s platform and services fees are dependent on the products purchased, as well as the size of the registry and number of contract caregivers we are providing services for.

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