Openforce Software: Settlement for the On-Demand Workforce

secure, accurate and on-time settlements

secure, accurate and
on-time settlements

flexible, cost-effective delivery

flexible, cost-effective delivery

IC Benefits to maintain contract status

IC Benefits to maintain contract status


Looking for an driver settlement software as an alternative to payments platforms designed for full-time employees or online money transfer services with unreasonable fees? Innovators in service industries who use independent contractors have found their solution in Openforce. Here’s why:

Secure, Reliable Funds Transfer

We make paying independent contractors eassy. No longer do contractors need to sign away their right to accessing their funds or waiting weeks to unfreeze accounts due to fraud alerts. We pay on time.

Goodbye to Unreasonable Fees

Online payment services can run as high as 4-5% plus $0.30 for each transaction, which keeps you from scaling your services and growing profits.

No More Administrative Burdens

Openforce is more than a driver settlement software, it can take on the responsibility for contractor report administration, time-sensitive settlement statements, processing 1099s, and garnishments.

Payments When Needed

Whether you are paying independent contractors weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, we deliver reliable settlements through our driven by your policies and integration with dispatch, workforce management and ERP systems.


ICs can review and submit invoices for work performed and administrators provide e-approval for payment. Approved invoices are instantly integrated into the system for processing and archival.


ICs may authorize use of Openforce’s driver settlement software to handle their accounts payable out of their settlements due, thereby underscoring the independent business relationship with the IC.

Payments Your Way

Accurate and on-time settlements come with flexible delivery options, such as direct deposit or reloadable debit cards at no additional cost.

Unmatched Customer Support

ICs and contracting companies needing support can reach our live customer agents, or use our web, email, and chat tools to get problems resolved quickly and conveniently.



In addition to our superior driver settlement software, Openforce goes a step further to equip on-demand workers with highly personalized tools and benefits designed to help grow their business and to stay contracted.

Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Portal

Available 24/7, contractors can directly access their information and settlement details via the self-service Openforce portal.

Timely Communications

Timely Communications

We keep contractors engaged and up-to-date on the latest news through integrated splash screens, alerts, and email blasts that can be targeted by location or down to the IC.

IC Benefits

IC Benefits

From creating an LLC, accessing tax services, health care and disability plans, fuel card programs, uniform procurement, and many other offers, IC Benefits provides the best curated offering of services designed to help ICs prosper as independent businesses.


Learn more about how IC Pay works with your business needs to help transform the way you pay independent contractors.