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Our experts in Professional Services show clients how managing independent contractors is not just a cost to be mitigated, but an opportunity to streamline operations that can ultimately increase their strategic spend.

robust portfolio for tailored solutions

robust portfolio for tailored solutions

superior settlement and administrative services

superior settlement & administrative services

risk migration and compliance workflows

risk migration & compliance workflows


Our proven contingent workforce solutions identify critical process gaps and areas of risk to deliver an optimal client experience. Each area has its own set of sub-processes and activities with well-defined transitions throughout our disciplined, end-to-end approach.

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Detailed and consultative information-gathering processes to clearly identify what is most important to the client’s business, key requirements and desired outcomes for success when it comes to managing independent contractors, which includes:

  • Identifying pain points
  • Mapping business needs to system functionality; Plan for compliance
  • Creating a project timeline
  • Providing solution Blueprint for acceptance


We configure your system according to the agreed upon requirements captured in the Blueprint. This includes formatting and mapping all of your compliance documents for electronic signature, adding specified features, and creating your custom on-boarding and compliance management solution that includes the following steps:

  • Solution build
  • Internal QA testing
  • Review and refine configuration


Beyond meeting the stated and documented requirements, we work closely with stakeholders to validate the solution through:

  • User acceptance testing
  • Final configuration review
  • Solution acceptance


During the critical phase of getting software into the hands of our end users, we walk our clients step-by-step through the following milestones to ensure a successful deployment:

  • Equip client solution administrators
  • Deliver IC presentations and enrollment
  • Transition to account manager
  • Complete initial settlement


We take the guess work out of your plan to deliver simple, customized online tools and resources with superior customer support. Available 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday via chat, phone, and email.


Supplement your existing materials with helpful documentation, presentations, and printed materials for contractors in the field.


We provide your independent contractors with easy-to-understand summary of benefits, optional benefits, and exclusive discounts on products and services.


We never outsource support. Our trained, in-house representatives are ready to help. Spanish-speaking support is also available.


Every contracting company is assigned an account manager that has a deep understanding of the company and their custom solution.


For companies in need of insurance, legal, or risk mitigation planning and implementation, we’re here to help.


We work with several highly rated insurance partners to offer qualifying companies and contractors competitive occupational accident insurance, non-auditable worker’s compensation, contingent liability insurance, and a broad spectrum of business coverages.


We partner with leading industry law firms and highly rated labor consultants experienced in independent contracting, and encourage clients to consult with their legal counsel to determine whether a proper independent contractor relationship exists under applicable laws and the facts of their business.


Our proprietary technology is designed specifically for Independent Contractor Management by properly documenting the true business-to-business contractual relationship with the IC throughout the entire lifecycle.


To better protect the devices, applications, and systems that connect people to the rapid delivery of goods and services, we take a broad and deep approach to ensuring security.

SSAE 18 Compliant

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 Type II certification affirms Openforce meets rigorous standards for control review, risk management practices, and policy improvement.

Security-Embedded Design

Embedded security including appropriate control measures is fundamental in the development of our products. We meticulously build a design to best support the security, authenticity, and availability properties of the overall solution.

Data-Specific Protections

Our cybersecurity measures protect not only our products, but also the data collected and used to improve ROI-based outcomes. Data-specific protections, such as encryption protocols and strict controls around anonymization help to ensure the trust of our customers.

Threat & Risk Analysis

In collaboration with our customers, partners and external experts, Openforce takes a threat-driven approach with tailored compliance processes to produce information systems that are both compliant and more secure.