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Focused on Your Success

Clients are the lifeblood of our company. From our executive team, to our staff of 20 in customer support and professional services, every department takes personal responsibility to help our clients achieve their goals. As part of our commitment to ensure a quality experience for all customers, we’ve created a Client Success Advisor (CSA) role.

What will the CSA do? Simply stated, they are here to help clients get maximum value for their investment in our services and products. Whether you are a new customer or one who has been here for a decade or more, we want to ensure that we stay current with your business needs.

So let us introduce Brooke Reed, recently promoted from our front-line support team to the CSA Role. She’s a two-time Employee of the Quarter, three-time Employee of the Month and awarded Lead Customer Support Rep since joining the company. In her front-line support role, she’s been supporting product, business operations and other IC-related needs.

Now, as our CSA, Brooke will serve as the central point of communication and problem solving. As part of her arsenal, Brooke is equipped with other tools used across our organization such as Freshdesk, a single-ticketing platform providing the best solution to manage our customer queries in the most efficient way possible, and Client Heartbeat, a powerful survey tool built for measuring customer satisfaction. We’ve made these investments to streamline support, to gauge satisfaction, and to improve communications for all. In practice, she’s prepared to take ownership of your needs and works with all relevant Openforce experts in support, professional services and product to get you the answers you need. Further, every Openforce client will received a needs-based analysis to receive ongoing education on the value, features, and benefits of Openforce solutions. We want to ensure that we know what you need and how your business is progressing.


Brooke initially started her career at Openforce as part of the Customer Service Rep team and rose to team lead. She quickly became a power user of Openforce’s platforms and has deep product knowledge from both the Client Admin and IC perspective. This expertise combined with her exceptional level of customer service led to the evolution of the Client Success Advisor role.

“Client Success isn’t a buzzword at Openforce ‒ it’s an entire shift in business that helps create constructive and rewarding relationships with our clients, and allows us to take a hard look at what we’re doing for them. Every interaction brings a new opportunity to learn and improve. And our biggest advantage is that we’re able to provide clients with the support they need to succeed at any point in their business.”

-Brooke Reed, Client Success Advisor

Services you can expect from the Client Success Advisor:

  • Post-implementation assistance to transition from deployment to production
  • Identify, research, communicate and ensure resolution for client requests
  • Phone, email and online support with upgrade assistance, all managed by our Freshdesk trouble-ticketing system
  • Managing client requests to change or add to their current Openforce solution
  • Share resources including enrollment webinars, product briefs, new releases and best practices
  • Regular check-ins to measure effective system performance and product usage

Your investment in Openforce solutions is about more than our exceptional technology. You’ve entrusted us to help you achieve winning outcomes so you can deliver a better service to your customers.


Openforce Platforms get a New Look

Take a look:


What’s improved?

  1. Smoother experience for our users. You’ll find tabs, tables and buttons are easier to see, which makes them easier to use and navigate. And more white space around objects make them clearer and quicker to read.
  2. Full functionality on mobile devices. Now 100% of the Client and Independent Contractor functionality will be seamlessly available on any mobile device!

For Independent Contractors, this means that the current IC mobile experience will be replaced with a new fully responsive view with access to all IC Portal capabilities.

For Client Admins, you’re no longer tied to desktop! Keep enrollments moving, access documents, and more from your iPad or other mobile devices.

  1. Design in line with our new brand. With new look and feel, the user experience will soon reflect the Openforce brand and our vision of work without limits, helping companies and contractors alike remove unnecessary obstacles.

When is this update happening?

It’s been a strong season of product launches and feature improvements at Openforce. We are very excited to share the refreshed Openforce platforms, which will go live on Thursday, July 26. If you’re an Openforce member or client, be sure to check back after the launch to experience the new look and feel first hand!

If you have any questions or require assistance, your Account Manager and extended Customer Support team are ready to help at 800.742.7508 and CustomerSupport@oforce.com.

IC Onboard: Carrier Management Module

Openforce’s newly released Carrier Management module is perfect for contracting companies that work with carrier or freight agent companies to handle deliveries of their customer’s cargo. The module is part of the Openforce IC Onboard solution and allows contracting companies to enroll freight agents or carriers as business entities without requiring private individual information.


Quick Business Entity Enrollments

The freight agent’s TIN will be validated by Openforce for the contracting company to review and approve. Once approved, the agent can immediately start onboarding contractors under their business profile.

Maintain Visibility and Compliance

The contracting company has the option to manage ongoing compliance or grant the freight agent user-specific access to manage the required compliance activity directly. This provides the ideal solution to enable structured workflows with added flexibility to address state- or agent-specific requirements.

Set Workflows with Mobile Enrollments

The contracting company sets the standard. Once set, automated enrollment workflows make it easy for freight agents to know exactly what pieces of information and documents are required for contractor onboarding. And with our full mobile enrollment experience with e-signature verification, contractors can enroll anytime, anywhere from their smartphone.

Optimal Business Separation

By empowering the freight agent to manage compliance, the contracting company still maintains visibility. And transferring the responsibility of contractor enrollment to the agent—where it should be—establishes optimal business separation between the contracting company and its freight agents.


Openforce clients may simply reach out to your Account Manager or contact CustomerSupport@oforce.com to activate this valuable feature and start adding freight agents today.

If you’re new to Openforce or IC Onboard, and would like to learn more about:
  • Dramatically simplifying your enrollment process
  • Fast contractor onboards with mobile enrollments
  • Replacing the constant churn of paperwork and contractors
  • Improving retention with helpful Member Benefits designed for contractors

Contact us today to speak with an Openforce expert and experience a demo.


Whitepaper: Dart Transit Company

In 2015, the General Counsel for Dart Transit Company, Doug Grawe, had grown tired of the headlines. Grawe knew misclassification cases had led to $6.9 million in penalties for Pacific 9 and a $228 million settlement for FedEx. Would Dart be the next to make headlines?

Fortunately, the answer was ‘no’ because Dart had decided to take the leap to a new way of contracting with its owner operators. No penalties would be levied. No articles written. But the risk of continuing to use a hard copy paper contract system to manage the company’s 1,400 owner operator contracts was inescapable.

For Grawe and Dart Transit Company, that better way was Openforce, a cloud-based online onboarding technology solution that streamlines owner operator contracts, provides an online database and helps ensure compliance.

“In today’s day and age of misclassifications you’ve got to make sure you’re crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s,” Grawe says.

But many companies aren’t taking those precautions. In fact, 44 percent of all companies haven’t automated their onboarding process, according to a Careerbuilder.com survey. But as the government encourages states to crack down on owner operator violations, many trucking companies who are still doing paper contracts may be putting themselves in jeopardy.

And companies that continue using old school hard copy contracts may be more at risk. That’s because those outdated methods are mired in inefficiencies and inaccuracies. In fact, hard copy, hand filled-out contracts can be as little as 10 percent accurate. That kind of haphazard owner operator contract management hardly puts trucking companies in a position to capitalize on the phenomenal growth the industry is expected to experience over the next five years.

Companies such as Dart that can ensure fast, accurate onboarding of owner operators are sure to have a competitive advantage in this fast growing market.

How Openforce Works

As Dart Transit discovered, Openforce’s innovative technologies help speed, manage the owner operator contract management lifecycle, and remove inefficiencies from the process. Finding and securing quality owner operators takes a host of complicated management practices and process protocols to ensure owner operators have freedom, choice, and time:

  • Sourcing
  • Clearance
  • Proper contracting
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Certifications of skills
  • Accurate, timely payment for services performed

In addition, owner operators present unique challenges in risk, logistics, quality and compliance. The nature of owner operator relationships further complicates matters. For example, owner operators decide their own elections including:

  • Occupational accident insurance
  • Base plates and permits
  • Heavy highway vehicle use tax
  • Fuel services
  • GPS service
  • Maintenance reserve accounts

“For each contractor there are dozens and dozens of different iterations of how the contract looks based on their individual situation,” Grawe says. “There’s no standard one-size-fits-all contract packet that everyone signs. And every time an owner operator makes a business decision, that can lead to a new document in the contract.”

Seven Best Practices that Optimize Dart’s Owner Operator Management

So just what are the best practices of automating owner operator contract management that’s also in support of compliance? Download the whitepaper to take a closer look at the technology-enabled solutions Openforce’s platform provided to optimize Dart Transit’s processes.

Download the Full Case Study

IC Portal is Mobile Optimized

In this digital age, the gig economy workforce is almost completely mobile and work can increasingly be done from anywhere. With research showing that 98 percent of Americans switch between devices in the same day, it’s vitally important to deliver consistent interactions across channels.1

Delivering the best mobile experience for independent contractors (IC) is more important than ever. Today, we are excited to share that the most important tools and features in the IC self-service portal are mobile optimized.

No app to download.
When ICs login to the self-service portal from any mobile device, they’ll immediately access the mobile experience.

Same credentials as desktop

Your default view

Helpful features used most

Available to all ICs upon completion of enrollment.


Other Exciting New Features Available Now

We are constantly updating, testing, and improving the experience of the IC Portal. If you missed the following updates, you’ll want to explore:

  • A completely refreshed Member Benefits program that is mobile optimized where ICs can rate programs and provide feedback
  • Text messaging alerts sharing important reminders, settlement notifications, new Member Benefit offers and discounts directly to your phone

If you’re an IC providing services for an Openforce customer and want to take advantage of these new mobile features, be sure to keep your ‘Personal Info’ up to date with your correct email and mobile number. More to exciting stuff to follow!

1 Google Research

New AHCCCS Policy Supports IC Model for Home Care

There are big changes ahead for the elderly and disabled in Arizona, and the organizations that support them in providing their care. Dara Johnson, AHCCCS’s Long-Term Care Program Development Manager confirmed, “The implementation of the system and operational changes to allow for the use of Independent Contractor business model by direct care service agencies is planned for January 2018.”

When it comes to taking care of our most vulnerable population, Arizona is leading the nation in innovation and action. Wendy Swager, CEO of Soreo, Southern Arizona’s largest provider of In-Home Support Services to Medicare and Medicaid recipients added, “This is an exciting time for providers and agencies in Arizona as AHCCCS rolls out new policy and regulations that accommodate the use of direct care workers who elect to be independent contractors.”

Julie Pace, Senior Member of the Cavanagh Law Firm, named as one of America’s and Arizona’s Leading Lawyers for Business, Labor and Employment Law, further emphasized Arizona public policy is, and should remain, that Arizona state government agencies provide fair treatment of individuals and businesses who choose to utilize independent contractor business models for a variety of legitimate reasons. The Governor has supported and the Arizona Legislature has enacted multiple bills in recent years to clarify, confirm, and expand the flexibility and choice exercised by individuals and businesses to achieve the mutual benefits of independent contractor relationships. 

Those benefits can include:

  1. Greater income and flexibility for direct care workers
  2. Greater ability for businesses to operate within the payment parameters of AHCCCS
  3. More cost-effective delivery of services for taxpayers
  4. Superior services for clients, due in part to the ability to attract and motivate service providers who can be economically successful while providing the challenging services expected of direct care workers

Below are specific policy updates that took effect on October 1, 2017, impacting the Independent Contractor business model. For more details on these revisions, you may refer to an AHCCCS memo share on September 20th regarding the AHCCCS Medical Policy Manual (AMPM).  

Chapter 1200, Policy 1250-D, Respite Care
AMPM Policy 1250-D was revised relative to the ALTCS EPD Contract effective 10/01/17. Policy changes were made to accommodate the use of the Independent Contractor business model, align with AMPM 1240-A, and adopt new fingerprint clearance and background check requirements. Lastly, technical corrections were made to standardize and align terminology across AHCCCS policies, adopt new formatting and improve clarity.

Chapter 1200, Policy 1240-E, Habilitation Services
AMPM Policy 1240-E was revised to align with the FY 2018 ALTCS EPD Contract, accommodate the use of the Independent Contractor business model and adopt new fingerprint clearance and background check requirements. It was also modified, with input from the ASD Advisory Committee, to reflect person-centered language, as well as to streamline and clarify content.

Chapter 1200, Policy 1240-G, Home Health Services
AMPM Policy 1240-G establishes criteria for medically necessary home health services for ALTCS members. Substantive policy changes were made to align with the ALTCS EPD Contract effective 10/01/17, accommodate the use of the Independent Contractor business model by DCW Agencies, and revise to streamline, clarify and reorganize content.

With a powerhouse organization such as AHCCCS behind the Independent Contractor model, we anticipate seeing major changes in the industry that may breathe new life into care providers in Arizona.

Independent Caregiver Management Tools

As a market leader, Openforce empowers Home Care agencies and providers through its modern technology platform assisting with onboarding, settlement, compliance, and other administrative tasks allowing care providers to better respond, grow and deliver the highest level of care. 

When Mosaic, an organization serving people with intellectual disabilities, decided to incorporate independent caregivers, the senior leadership team knew about the labor shortages, minimum wage issues, and health care reform challenges facing home care agencies and host home providers. But Mosaic was mainly thinking about its clients. Read how Mosaic addressed their pressing need to adopt a modern technology platform to help dramatically streamline operations while delivering high-quality member care.

Openforce Awarded SSAE 18

Today, Openforce announced the completion of a third-party audit report demonstrating full compliance with SSAE 18. The successful audit affirms Openforce’s policies and practices for managing the company’s risk and protection controls along with those of their sub-services providers.

Committed to the utmost levels of integrity and customer satisfaction in same-day courier, trucking, final mile, home care, and other verticals, Openforce’s IC Onboard, IC Pay, IC Complete, and its integrated data analytics platform, IC Insight are managed to the highest standards.

Established for advanced IT service providers, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 Type II certification provides Openforce customers with an independent auditor’s unbiased level of assurance of corporate controls as it relates to network and logical security, processing integrity, availability, confidentiality, and privacy.

“The SSAE 18 report serves as a continued endorsement of our market leadership in financial processes and controls for independent contractor management software,” said Drake Pruitt, CEO of Openforce. “Openforce is committed to following security and compliance standards that allow our customers to have the proper assurances in the integrity of our systems and processes, along with those of our suppliers.” 

Designed to bring all U.S. standards up to international standards of security compliance, the new requirements set by these regulations are best practices that Openforce has been adhering to for the past six consecutive years.

Four SSAE 18 changes that affect the SOC 1 examination:

  1. Vendor Management
    The most significant change in the requirements that must be met by a service organization is ensuring that its vendor management program for sub-service providers is significantly robust, which monitor the controls at sub-service organizations.
  2. Risk Assessment
    SSAE 18 requires service auditors to obtain a more in-depth understanding of the development of the subject matter than currently required, to better identify the risks of material misstatement in an examination engagement. The goal is to have an improved linkage between assessed risks and the nature, timing, and extent of attestation procedures performed in response to those risks.
  3. Complementary Sub-service Organization Controls
    As more organizations are outsourcing key functions to their own set of subservice organizations, SSAE 18 introduces the concept of “Complementary Subservice Organization” controls. This concept establishes and defines the controls for which user entities must now assume in the design of the system description. SSAE 18 provides more guidance around this area for more consistent reporting across entities and practitioners.
  4. Written Assertion Requirement
    The final change to the SOC 1, per SSAE 18, is that the service auditor obtains a written assertion. This written assertion is the statement found within the SOC report wherein the service organization asserts that the system description provided is essentially true and complete. This statement has always been contained within the SOC 1 reporting document but the requirement that the service organization signs the document was optional.

Today’s on-demand economy is driven by technology that automates processes and transactions to meet the increasing consumer demands for lower cost, high transparency, rapid delivery of goods and services. To meet the challenge, suppliers like Openforce must earn and protect the trust of their customers and supply chain partners. Compliance with audit standards like SSAE 18 are integral to demonstrating that commitment.

“When it comes to proper management of sensitive data related to compliance monitoring, risk management and settlement processing, our customers have complete peace of mind that Openforce has controls and practices in place to ensure the safeguarding of their data,” added Pruitt.

Last Mile: The New Frontier

Getting shipments delivered on time while battling the constant shortage of drivers is no easy feat. And that’s before even knowing if the independent driver is qualified to provide services and ready to hit the road.

According to the American Trucking Association’s quarterly report, the pace of driver turnover at both large and small truck fleets rose signficantly in the second quarter of 2017.

For large carriers with revenue of more than $30 million, driver turnover rose 16 points to 90 percent, up from 74 percent in the first quarter of 2017. That’s the largest quarterly jump since the fourth quarter in 2010, according to the ATA report. Small carriers with less than $30 million in annual revenue fared slightly better, but also experienced double-digit turnover rates in the second quarter, rising 19 points to 85 percent, up from 66 percent in the first quarter.

Driving at Optimal Performance

As businesses manage against unpredictable demand, increased volatility, and rising costs, companies like UST Logistical Systems are turning to IC management software to replace manual processes that create logistical roadblocks for their business.

ustlogo.pngUST Logistical Systems is a national third-party logistics provider specializing in the “final mile” delivery of furniture and appliances—from the retailer’s warehouse directly into the customer’s home. With more than one million annual deliveries and approximately 1,000 team members in motion, UST Logistical Systems turned to Openforce’s cloud-based solution to streamline all aspects of IC management including:

  • Faster onboarding
  • Contracting the right way
  • Settlement processing
  • Risk controls requirements
  • Compliance audit

“Once the Openforce system was in place, a major pressure point was released. The Openforce automated platform is completely worry free and we can focus our time on more strategic priorities.”

Tekisha Roberts
Compliance Director

Download the Full Case Study
Learn how UST Logistical Systems accelerated its onboarding, and established best practices and compliance automation, to align with the high standards of the company brand.

Openforce Adds Heavy Hitters to the Team

Building on the success of serving hundreds of thousands of independent contractors and companies, Openforce® publicly announced its new name with a renewed commitment to serving the rapidly growing on-demand economy.

“As the on-demand economy attracts more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending, we are wholly focused on disrupting the expensive, slow, and unintended high-risk ways that companies have traditionally worked with independent labor,” said Drake Pruitt, CEO of Openforce. “The new brand reflects our evolution to a technology-driven company delivering software and services that reduce the cost to deploy, pay, and properly contract with independent contractors.”

Along with the continued expansion of our product portfolio, Openforce has invested in new talent to address growing customer demand with professionals that bring decades of expertise in software-as-a-service, transportation operations, third-party logistics, and business technology automation.

Brian Panicko joined the company in Phoenix as Vice President of Sales & Channel Development in June 2017, overseeing all direct sales and partner channels. With more than 15 years of experience in strategic sales and channel development for leading technology companies, Brian leads the team responsible for growing direct and partner-driven revenue across all market segments for the company.

Christine Chan joined Openforce as Vice President of Strategic Accounts. Based in New York, Christine has extensive hands-on experience in final-mile delivery, warehousing, and logistics operations. Having served in an operations leadership role for one of the world’s largest transportation and logistics companies, Christine brings valuable insights helpful to prospects and partners in taking full advantage of Openforce technology and services.

Leigh Ann Schneider joined the company in Phoenix as Senior Director of Business Development, where she will work on strategic account development with the company’s largest transportation prospects. She is a customer-focused sales leader with a track record of building long-term accounts and surpassing revenue targets. Most recently Leigh Ann excelled as Vice President of Direct Sales at GlobalTranz, a leading logistics company.

“Openforce is the greatest team competing in this industry, and the addition of these outstanding professionals brings even more leadership, know-how, and service in support of our prospects, partners, and customers. We are thrilled to have them onboard,” Pruitt added.

CMS is Now Openforce


Why rebrand?

CMS was founded to solve the basic hassles and needs of courier companies that utilized independent contractors. Nearly 20 years later, entire industries are redefining conventional models of work that fall short on cost, efficiency, and meeting customer demand.

That’s why from our platform to our services, we’ve matured into a leading technology company that solves complex problems for customers not only for same-day courier, but also trucking, final mile, home care, and other verticals with demand for elastic deployment of labor. 

As a result, we’ve invested a significant amount of time to update our brand identity to be consistent with the value realized by our customers and contractors—to deliver the platform for a more sustainable and profitable on-demand economy. 

WHAT WE (still) DO

We are the experts that simplify onboarding, contracting, settlement processing, and risk controls requirements for industries that demand qualified independent contractors.


We hope you like Openforce and the new logo!

On top of a new name and bold look, you’ll see the Openforce brand on our website, social media channels, existing products, and new products that are in the works. Get ready…the next product is just around the corner!

In addition to our new public website at www.oforce.com, be sure to follow us on social media—social-in.png social-twitter.png social-fb.png—where you’ll be the first to receive updates on:

  • Openforce Products & Services
  • Industry News & Regulations
  • Customer Case Studies
  • Member Benefit Alerts for Openforce Members

This is an exciting time for Openforce. The brand transformation builds on many improvements we have made to our business, and will continue to make, as we help companies and contractors alike remove unnecessary obstacles to work without limits.