How does Openforce facilitate workforce reporting?

Openforce provides reporting at multiple levels within the system—enabling contracting companies and ICs to maintain critical business information at their fingertips. Contracting companies are able to view, sort, filter and get reports on virtually any segment of their IC workforce, from enrollment through settlement. ICs are able to view and download 1099s, settlement history, profile information, etc.

How does the ICIS work in defense/claims?

This is a rapidly developing area of the law. An ICIS can help support an inference that workers are correctly classified as independent contractors by separating out all elements of their treatment by the hiring entity, by enforcing pre-defined onboarding and settlement workflows, and by preserving data and audit trails related to onboarding. In addition, depending on the plan selected with an ICIS such as Openforce, defense costs for agency-level claims is sometimes included.

Does this ICIS gather the W-9?

Typically, independent contractors are issued 1099s by the hiring business. ICIS providers such as Openforce offer multiple options for 1099 issuance.

Are ICs required to have an EIN in addition to an SSN?

There is no current requirement for workers classified as independent contractors to maintain a Social Security Number.  Other laws and regulations apply across the various jurisdictions about reporting this information.  Hiring entities utilizing ICs should also be aware of the “B Notice” process and its effects.  ICIS systems such as Openforce provide a “TIN check” against an applicable EIN or SSN at the time of onboarding to prevent later B notice problems.

Does an ICIS portal actually go through the IC criteria and make a determination as to whether they are approved or not?

ICIS solution providers such as Openforce work with contracting companies and their counsel/advisors to design the workflows and processes that best suit business needs and mitigate misclassification risks. Once those optimum processes and workflows are established, ICIS solution providers such as Openforce then utilize their technology to enforce the designed processes and workflows for all onboarding 1099 workers—while maintaining a key system of record for all related 1099 worker data, qualifications, documents and settlement histories. If the workflow requirements are not met by the onboarding contractor—the portal indicates this to allow the company to make appropriate remediation or non-contracting decisions.