Will the Flexible WorkForce website change?

Eventually, yes. The Openforce marketing team will assess and work with the Flex team to best understand the needs of all of our clients and potential clients to create one exciting new website that encompasses all that we offer.

How will this impact my Independent Contractors?

Our number one commitment is to you, our clients, and ultimately your Independent Contractors. We are looking to make recruitment, enrollment, and retention easier so ICs can join your workforce sooner and more efficiently. Both teams will be working hard to make that happen.

Will there be business structure changes?

There are no plans for any business structure changes. Our commitment is to our clients and Independent Contractors. With that in mind, we will continue to focus first on ways to streamline the enrollment experience, provide more recruitment tools, and mitigate compliance risks as our priorities.

Will the product that I use change?

No. Nothing will change in your platform or processing. We will, of course, look for ways to bring the best of both platforms to all of our customers.